Packaging and Shipment


WE company offers a variety of packaging in order to meet clients’ requirement. Bulk, new steel drum (150, 180, 220 Kg), flexi tank, jumbo bag and carton box are range of standard packages for transportation and storage of cargos. All our packages come with a full set of certificates and approvals and have extensive product and liability insurance. Our primary location has easy access to various ports in Asia and Africa, enabling us to ship goods on urgent basis to various countries in the region.



We stand behind our products and we offer a full product satisfaction guarantee. In case of any damage or contradiction we will replace the cargo. We focus on understanding our customer’s requirements and concerns, and work to meet those needs in every way. We ensure the quality of product through checking and testing to ensure it meets pre-specified standards. It has been years since we have worked with well-known inspection companies such as SGS to process inspection services. Our customers always receive the highest level of customer care along with our quality services.


UAE, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Madagascar, …